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First blog post 2021-12-25 02:54:08 +0300 Hello, World!* So here I am and welcome to my first blog. Having a personal space on the Internet has been a dream for me for years and I am happy that it fi...

Hello, World!*{: .cd} So here I am and welcome to my first blog. Having a personal space on the Internet has been a dream for me for years and I am happy that it finally have come true. You might think that I could sign-up for a social media platform and my profile would be a personal space for me but no. I just don't feel comfortable with that way. This has been the case since my childhood and also the reason why I don't use Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. If you think you found me on these platforms, I would say it is not me. I might write another post about why I don't like social media but I will cut this one here.

Why I wanted to start blogging?

There are several reasons for starting my own site and blogging, but I can list the most important ones as follows:

Giving back to community

I use the software developed and brought by the community every day. The moment I power on my computer I start using Free Software. It really amazes me to see the work produced by people who do not know each other at all. For example, I did not even write a single line of code for this site. If Free Software didn't exist, I'd either have to spend money and use a platform that I have limited control over, or waste my time and build a site with a possibly worse design than this one*{: .cd}. In return for this, I want to give back to the community. For me, the way to give back to the community so far has been to share the projects I've done and archive the things I learn every day in a repository called TIL*{: .cd}. But some of the til's I've written recently are getting lengthy and I think they deserve their own posts. So instead of writing long til's, I will blog what I learned here.

Archiving the memories

I like to go over what I have done in the past once in a while. Blogging is perfect way to do this. I still read my diaries that I wrote in the past and they are fun. But I promise I will keep these posts more formal than my diaries*{: .cd}.

Pushing myself to do something useful

At the end of every year, I sit on my desk and think about what I did in that year. I generally don't like the result because I fail to keep some of my resolutions for that year. Setting up a personal website was one of my resolutions for 2021 and it looks like I manage to keep it*{: .cd}*{: .cd}. Unfortunately, I can't always keep my spirits up. Sometimes I just do nothing and all the time passes. Hopefully, the feeling that I have to write something will help me get out of bad mood at such times.

Improving my writing skills

Last but not least, I want to improve my writing. Even though I don't use a formal language while writing here, I think it will help me improve my writing skills.

Final words

While writing this post I already come up with some new topics to write but I think they need their own posts.

Subscribe to my RSS Feed to not miss them. You know RSS, right? I recently started using it and it is the best way to consume content. Do yourself a favor and search it if you don't know. I will probably write something about it in the following blog posts. That's all from me and thank you for reading. See you next time!