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Şahin Akkaya 17bd981dbe Update kitty config 2024-03-15 09:25:03 +03:00
.config Update kitty config 2024-03-15 09:25:03 +03:00
.local/bin Add passmenu 2023-12-26 01:17:32 +03:00
scripts Update hyprland config 2024-01-09 00:21:05 +03:00
.gitconfig Add kitty config 2024-01-29 12:11:00 +03:00
.gitmodules Update zsh submodule 2023-12-26 11:50:08 +03:00
.zshenv Update .zshenv 2023-12-26 11:46:35 +03:00 Initial commit 2023-12-25 13:41:38 +03:00

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Note: I have dropped old dotfiles completely and started from scratch. If you can't find the thing you are looking for here, check old-dots branch. In order to reduce the size of this repo, I also dropped all the git history of my old-dots.

Why start from scratch?

  • I am tired of changing some part of my configuration when I switch between MacOS and Linux. I don't want to have a Hyprland configuration when I am on Mac. Similarly, I don't need yabai configuration when I am on Linux. In this fresh start, I will keep track of different branches for Mac and Linux and make sure they are up-to-date so installing them on a new machine will be smooth.

  • I didn't want to use my old config as starting point because it hasn't been updated in a long time. I thought it would be easier to start from scratch and rewrite everything to suit my needs, rather than trying to adopt the old config to my current workflow.